Re-de-centralization of Internet

Venue: Hotel Radisson ,Hitec City(Hyderabad)
Date: 6th June, 2019
Time: 17:30 Hrs

The core technologies powering the Internet were all designed to operate in a distributed and decentralized manner. As the Internet grew with applications, devices and users over time, things tend to become centralized. The emergence of Blockchain has spawned out a new era of decentralization and will surely have its impact on the Internet. The emerging trends of DAPPS (Distributed Applications) coupled with the need for privacy and security would drive the future architectural evolution of Internet. The demand to get control of your own data, and the ability to move it swiftly from one application (platform) to another of your choice would usher in the re-decentralization of Internet. Following are some of the lead points in which the discussion would be structured.

    1.Impact of Blockchain on the architecture of Internet and its protocol layers

    2.DAPPs and their growing usage

    3.Portability of data and Interoperability of DAPPs

    4.Secure Distributed Storage, Access and Privacy in DAPPs

    5.Blockless Blockchains and New Consensus Models for Decentralized Architecture