Re-Decentralization of Internet

  • Mr. Vineet Shukla
    "Regulations alone can help to keep the user data safe from the tech giants; Blockchain will require expensive setup and energy"
  • Mr. Kumar Ashutosh
    "Decentralization is a key to blockchain technology."
  • Prof. Ashutosh Saxena
    "Sanity checks for making the standards should have the comfort level for the Decentralization."
  • Mr. Samiran Gupta
    "Blockchain is truly an exciting & emerging technology for Decentralization of the Internet space."
  • Mr. Adarsh B U
    "The Emerging Internet Protocol Stack for Decentralization will open up interesting applications ."
  • Mr. A P Raju
    "An additional security layer should be created to protect the data that produced in a decentralized application."
  • Mr. C Subbarayudu
    "DNS is a very critical infrastructure requiring re-decentralization."
  • Mr. K Mohan Raidu
    "Blockchain has created a huge requirement for re-architecting the application infrastructure ."
  • Dr. Balaji Rajendran
    "Trade-off for decentralization (vs Centralization) needs to be valued in terms of security and Privacy."
  • Mr. Anoop Kumar Pandey
    "A decentralized Internet just requires depolarization of app providers."
  • Mr. Jitendra Kumar
    "Blockchain based decentralization is energy hungry and do have security issues."