International Conference on Internet Research and Engineering (ICIRE 2019)

ICIRE 2019 is a technical gathering of Internet and cyber-network professionals to exchange the latest developments that are gaining momentum in the ever-growing global infrastructure of Internet.

The selected and presented papers are published in Springer Nature Computer Science Journal. (Click here!)

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Call for Papers (CFP)

ICIRE 2019 International Conference on Internet Research and Engineering is a technical gathering of Internet and cyber-network professionals to exchange the latest developments that are gaining momentum in the ever-growing global infrastructure of Internet.
The conference is a single-track program with a pre-conference tutorials scheduled on day 1. Day 2 will feature invited talks and selected paper presentations.
ICIRE aims to serve as a technical forum to share and learn about the various works that may lead to the next Generation of Internet Infrastructure.
We invite original research submissions and findings based on large scale practical implementation on the following topics, but not limited to:

  • Internet Security Protocols
  • DNS Security
  • Email Security
  • Authentication and Authorization Protocols
  • Social Media Apps and Security
  • IoT Security
  • Delay Tolerant Networks
  • Privacy on Internet
  • Next-Generation Internet Technologies
  • Cryptography in Internet Communications
  • Internet Measurement
  • Security & Privacy
  • QoS and Internet Traffic
  • Protocol Implementation Issues
  • Large-Scale Protocol Testing
  • Malware Propagation Analysis

The submission is closed now.

  • Each received paper will be subjected to plagiarism detection and only papers with less than 20% will go through double-blind reviewing process.
  • Each paper will have a minimum of 2 reviews.
  • Registration is free for authors of the selected papers.
  • Only accepted and presented papers will be considered for inclusion in the proceedings and for the Best Paper Award.
  • Authors of the selected papers can apply for a fellowship. The fellowhip will cover limited local travel grants within India.
  • Best Paper Award: Includes a Cash Prize and Certificate.


Tutorials (Monday, 4th March 2019, 9:00 AM)

Venue: CDAC Knowledge Park

  • IETF contribution through Collaborative Research Project on IIoT (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM), Lijo Thomas (C-DAC Trivandrum) & S. V. R. Anand (IISc)
  • Demo: Implementation of draft-ietf-6lo-deadline-time on a 6TiSCH Network (11:00 AM - 11:30 AM), Shalu R (C-DAC Trivandrum)
  • Opportunities for R&D in Named Data Networks (11:45 AM - 01:15 PM), Mohit P. Tahiliani (NIT Surathkal)
  • Authoring Internet Drafts (02:15 PM - 02:45 PM), Jitendra Kumar (C-DAC Bangalore)
  • DNS: Critical Infrastructure of the Internet, DNSSEC, BlockChain DNS (02:45 PM - 04:00 PM), Sanjay Adiwal & Balaji Rajendran (C-DAC Bangalore)
  • Path Computation Element (PCE) and its key role in SDN (04:15 PM - 05:30 PM), Dhruv Dhody (Huawei)

Conference (Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 8:30 AM)

Venue: The Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore

  • Registration (08:30 AM - 09:30 AM)
  • Inauguration and Welcome Address (09:30 AM - 10:15 AM)
  • Keynote (10:15 AM - 11:00 AM)
  • The Case and Prospects for an AI-Endowed Internet, Dr. Athithan G (Former Director, DRDO)
  • Invited Talks
  • Revisiting Time-Memory Trade-offs in Secure Cryptographic Implementations on Resource Constrained Devices (11:15 AM - 12:00 PM), Dr. Srinivas Vivek (IIIT Bangalore)
  • Internet in Myanmar - Yesterday and today (12:00 PM - 12:15 PM), Dr. K A. Venkatesh (Myanmar Institute of Information Technology), Myanmar
  • Secure bootstrapping for IoT devices with EAP-NOOB (02:00 PM - 02:20 PM), Dr. Mohit Sethi (Ericsson), Finland
  • IPSec Present and future (02:20 PM - 02:40 PM), Dr. P. V. Ananda Mohan (Fellow IEEE), C-DAC Bangalore
  • Organizer Talks (12:15 PM - 13:00 PM)
  • Journey to the Quantum Internet, Dr. Balaji Rajendran (C-DAC Bangalore)
  • Selected Papers (02:30 PM - 03:30 PM) (Session Chair: Dr. Sithu D Sudarsan)
  • AutoAdd: A Study of Bootstrapping of an IoT Device on a Network, Anoop Kumar Pandey, Balaji Rajendran and Kumari Roshni V S  
  • A Signature Based Mutual Authentication Protocol for Remote Health Monitoring, Sumitra Binu, Joy Paulose and Mohammed Misbahuddin  
  • Classification of Anti-Phishing Solutions, S Chanti and T Chithralekha  
  • Panel Discussion (03:45 PM - 04:45 PM)
  • Internet @ 2030: Ushering in the Next Generation Technologies, Debabrata Das (IIIT B), Narendra Nath G (DoT), Ganga Prasad G L (C-DAC), Praveen Mishra (ERNET), T Santhosh (MeitY)
  • Valedictory Address (04:45 PM - 05:00 PM)
  • Shri. Jaideep Kumar Mishra, Jt. Secretary, MeitY
  • Felicitations (05:00 PM - 05:05 PM)

Important Dates

Last Date for Submission of Papers: 31st January 2019 (Final Extension)
Notification of Acceptance: 21st February, 2019
Camera Ready Submission: 28th February, 2019
Conference Date: 4-5th March, 2019
Tutorial: 4th March, 2019


Venue for Tutorial (4th March 2019)

CDAC Knowledge Park,
Sadanandanagar, Bennigana Halli,
Karnataka 560038, India

Venue for Conference (5th March 2019)

The Chancery Pavilion,
135, Residency Road,
Karnataka 560025, India



  • Mr. Jaideep Kumar Mishra, Joint Secretary, Meity
  • Dr. Hemant Darbari, Director General, C-DAC

General Chair

  • Dr. Srinivasan Ramani

General Co-Chair

  • Mr. Ganga Prasad G L, C-DAC Bangalore

Steering Committee

  • Mr. Bindhumadhava B S, Head, RTSG, C-DAC Bangalore (Chair)
  • Prof. H S Bhatia, IETE (Co-Chair)
  • Mr. T. Santhosh, Scientist, MeitY, New Delhi

Program Committee

  • Prof. Debabrata Das, IIIT Bangalore (Chair)
  • Dr. Balaji Rajendran, C-DAC (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. P V Anandamohan, C-DAC
  • Prof. Ezhil Kalaimannan, University of West Florida
  • Prof. Joy Kuri, IISc, Bangalore
  • Prof. Chandrasekaran K, NITK, Surathkal
  • Prof. Ramanujam, IMSC, Chennai
  • Prof. Subhankar Mishra, NISER
  • Prof. Venkatesh K A, Myanmar Institute of Information Technology
  • Dr. Pramod Pawar S, London, UK
  • Mr. Champika Wijayatunga, ICANN
  • Mr. Nihar Khedekar, Google
  • Dr. Sithu D Sudarsan, ABB
  • Mr. Padmakumar Subramani, Nokia
  • Dr. N. Subramanian, C-DAC
  • Dr. Prabaharan P, Amrita University
  • Mr. Manu Zacharia, HackIT Technology and Advisory Services
  • Dr. Mohit Sethi, Ericsson, Finland
  • Prof. V Neela Narayanan, VIT University
  • Prof. Golla Varaprasad, BMS College of Engineering
  • Dr. Mohammed Misbahuddin, C-DAC
  • Mr. Pradeep Kumar Verma, MeitY, New Delhi
  • Dr K S Selvakumar, CDAC Silchar
  • Mr. V Anil Kumar, CSIR-4PI
  • Mr. SVR Anand, IISC Bangalore

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Kumari Roshni V S, Head - Cyber Security Group, C-DAC Bangalore (Chair)
  • Mr. Anoop Kumar Pandey, C-DAC (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Balaji Rajendran, C-DAC
  • Mr. Jitendra Kumar, C-DAC
  • Mr. Sankalp Bagaria, C-DAC
  • Ms. Ranjana, C-DAC
  • Ms. Akanksha Gupta, C-DAC
  • Ms. Shubham Goyal, C-DAC

Web & Publication Committee

  • Mr. Anoop Kumar Pandey, C-DAC
  • Mr. Gopinath P, C-DAC
  • Mr. Shubham Parikh, C-DAC
  • Mr. Vasanth Arkachari, C-DAC

Promotion Committee

  • Mr. C P Dwivedi, ITI, IETE
  • Mr. R Nagesh, C-DAC
  • Mr. Aswath Rao S, C-DAC
  • Ms. Geetanjali K, C-DAC
  • Ms. P. Sailaja, C-DAC

Administrative Committee

  • Mr. Krishnakumar KS, C-DAC
  • Ms. Jyotsna Muralidhar, C-DAC
  • Mr S. Muthukumaran, C-DAC
  • Mr. Mohammad Ashfaque, C-DAC
  • Ms. Sreekala N, C-DAC
  • Mr. Arun Shankar, C-DAC
  • Ms. Vidya, C-DAC

Inauguration Committee

  • Ms. Jalajakshi, C-DAC
  • Ms. Shweta, C-DAC

Purchase Committee

  • Ms. Sreekala Nambiar, C-DAC
  • Ms. Saravanan, C-DAC

Message from Patrons

Shri. Jaideep Kumar Mishra, Jt. Secretary, MeitY

Jaideep Kumar Mishra

"With the internet assuming a more central part in everyday life, the development and management of internet infrastructure has become more important than ever. A prestigious conference like ICIRE 2019, which is being held in Bangalore, India, will aim to highlight the advances India has made towards the development and innovation in internet infrastructure.
I hope ICIRE 2019 Bangalore shall inspire the participants to pursue more quality and focused research and contribute towards the development, innovation and management of the global Internet infrastructure."

Dr. Hemant Darbari, Director General, C-DAC

Dr. Hemant Darbari

"A focused conference on the technologies that power the Internet is of paramount importance to every stakeholder of this global communication medium. ICIRE is a much needed and timely event, that would bring out the latest trends and motivate the participants to pursue advanced research and contribute to the global Internet. I would be glad if ICIRE is taken forward as a regular event in the future, owing to its sheer focus on Internet infrastructure"

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