Security for Billions: Users and their Devices

Venue: Hotel Ramada Egmore, Chennai
Date: 21st May, 2018


The objective of this session is to bring out the research challenges, implementation issues, and policy initiatives, that need to be addressed in a digital nation. The session will provide an open platform to share your knowledge and thoughts on this subject with the other Industry-academia members and in the process enlighten others.


In this digital era, where billions of people stay connected through their devices, and in the world of IoT, where billions of devices would be interconnected, security is of paramount importance to both the users and their devices. The looming cyber-threats, that are largely invisible to the naked eye, would result in dire consequences and has the potential to inflict significant danger, not only to physical property but also to virtual assets, and even physical people and regions. Standards serve the purpose of having a unified structure and makes it easy for everyone to understand things and processes better and sets the right expectations. Adherence to security standards by designers and implementors of devices would set the right expectations for the users, who can then use them accordingly.

Scalable Security Standards

As the devices and users operate over the Internet, the security standards evolved should be global and scalable to billions. As a nation of billion people and having a significant lead in IT space, it is time to ponder over the large looming security threats, and join the world forums in bringing out the desired level of assurance of security. These standards need to be evolved with all aspects in mind - technical, legal, and ofcourse ethical. The objective of this session is to brainstorm for ideas and solutions to the following challenges:

    1.Security - In the billions world, atleast a trillion points of vulnerability is expected

    2.Trust - in a world where a device can be mistaken for a human

    3.Privacy - in a world where everything can be tracked and replicated

    4.Management - Managing billions and several generations of them

As a step towards achieving wider participation from the Indian community, C-DAC Bangalore is organizing this forum, for experts from various domains of Internet Security to discuss and debate and take forward the process of protocol development, and also to serve as an initiator to the interested participants.