Criterion for application

IIREF provides fellowship to attend IETF events. Intended applicants are requested to follow this sections and register. IIREF is providing fellowship for IETF104.

IIREF invites applications from qualified internet professionals from Academia, Industries, Research labs for participation in upcoming IETF Events.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant should be an Indian national and should be above 18 years of age.
  • Prior contributions to IETF working groups or mailing lists will be an added advantage.
  • Regular technical contributions to IIREF will be an additional advantage.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The decision of the judges or the committee will be final.
  • C-DAC will reimburse only low cost Economy airfare ( Economy class in Air India will be the preferred choice wherever available) to the event location via optimal route.
  • Registration fee for attending IETF meeting will be paid or reimbursed by C-DAC.
  • Food and Lodging Expenses will be reimbursed as per norms.
  • The selected candidate, upon acceptance of fellowship, may have to sign a legal document.
  • The IIREF fellow has to attend the full program throughout the schedule.
  • A report and feedback has to be submitted by the IIREF fellow after the event.
  • The IIREF fellow has to attend the following mandatory sessions:
    • Newcomers orientation and training (if the selected fellow is a newcomer)
    • Any relevant tutorials
    • Technical and Administrative plenaries
    • Sessions suggested by IIREF Mentors
  • Upon returning from the program :
    • The IIREF fellow have to submit a detailed report of the IETF meeting's proceedings within 10 days of time
    • Give presentations at selected forums as requested by IIREF
    • Share their experience as Videos with IIREF
    • Collaborate and work with IIREF mentor and team to contribute to IETF
    • Send regular progress reports to IIREF team each quarter
  • Above mentioned conditions are subject to change from time to time.

Selection Process:

  • A committee of experts will examine the applications and short-list the candidates.
  • The committee member(s) may contact the short-listed candidate through email/phone for further processing.
  • If required, candidate may have to appear for a face to face interview.
  • Selected candidate will be intimated through email.

Guidelines for the Position Paper :

  • Introduction:Position paper should contain a brief introduction about the working group on which the applicant is working or planning to work on. A summary about the problem statement on which the applicant is working or planning to work on, should be provided. If the applicant is working on in an existing active working group, then an overview about the currents status of the discussions going on in the working group, and how is it going to progress in the future should be provided.
  • A detailed explanation about the problem statement with diagrams and flow-charts etc. should be provided for the better understanding.
  • The details about the plan to convert their documents to potential drafts or RFCs should be provided.
  • References to the RFCs and other IETF documents can be provided.